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 Sangrena - Blessed Black Spirit
Hace un par de días me llegó un correo de un tal Francisco Junior que leyendo bien resultó ser el manager de la banda brasileña SANGRENA. 
Sangrena - Photo
Me mandó información y su primer y único larga duración para descargar y creo que para que lo difundamos en el santuario.
Sangrena - Logo
Pues bien sin ningún problema amigo Francisco. SANGRENA es una banda de death metal de la vieja escuela que se formó en la ciudad de Amparo, Brasil en 1998 y después de varios cambios en la formación siguen en activo. Les dejo una biografía (en ingles) que me mandaron en el correo así como formas de contacto:
Sangrena was formed in Amparo-SP in August 1998 by Luciano Fedel (vocals, guitar) and Fábio Ferreira (guitar) and some months later Marcos (drums) and Adriano Chersone (bass) joined in. With these members, Sangrena recorded their first demo, named Sangrena, with four songs. 
After a few gigs in the state of São Paulo in 2000, Marcos decides to leave Sangrena due to personal reasons, being substituted by Rafael Costa who had already been an acquaintance. Sangrena worked on new songs wich, in the Beginning of 2002 ended up begin in their second demo, named "Sanctuary of Fear" also bringing four songs. In the same year Adriano Chersone leaves the band and Ricieri Geremias joins in to make Sangrena even more powerful. After many gigs in Brazil, once again the drummer leaves the band.

In 2004, Rafael Costa leaves the band in order to live abroad and this time the guys in the Band have a hard time finding someone to replace him. They even found a great drummer, Diego, who lived in Jacutinga-MG, but a car made it impossible him to attend rehearsals in Amparo (although he destroyed the car, he escaped unhurt). After the tragic accident the band , looked for a drummer for two years, resuming their active in 2006, when finally they found Alan Marques, Who took even the post with had beaten with great competence. 

In 2007 Sangrena went to the studio in order to record their first album, named "Blessed Black Spirit" containing eleven heavy and fast songs. Sangrena became more mature and Gained valuable experience throughout of those almost tem years on the road. Playing an Old-School Death Metal and, influenced by Morbid Angel, Slayer, Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, among others, their tried to show all their hatred in the songs in the debut CD.The album "Blessed Black Spirit" has already finished and was released in 2009 by Darzamadicus Records (Europe) and Sevared Records (USA)

In 2012, Ricieri Geremias left Sangrena and was replaced by Gustavo Bonfa on guitar. Then Sangrena current lineup is Luciano Fedel on bass and vocals, Alan Marques on drums, Fábio Ferreira and Gustavo Bonfa on guitars.

Francisco Junior
Sangrena Manager

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